The Awakening
Psychic Gifts
About Chandara
CHANDARA • Psychic Medium • Channeled Readings
In 1979, I went to Egypt as a tourist.  In the Cairo Museum of Antiquities, an amazing
event happened while I was in the "Mummy Room".  I heard strange voices talking to
me (I thought it was tourists), but when I looked around I discovered that I was alone.  
Telepathically I was hearing the sounds of the mummies trying to communicate with
me!  The next day while meditating inside the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid of
Giza, I felt some amazing shifts happening inside me.  This was a true awakening.
Channeling - How It Began
In the early '80's I began doing frequent Tarot readings, with incredible results.  As one
example, I told my client that she was pregnant (which turned out to be true, to her
surprise).  This was information that I intuitively knew to be true, yet  I had not derived it
from the Tarot and did not recognize the source at that time.  Over time, many of my
clients as well as other psychics convinced me that I was channeling much of the
information, as the details I conveyed went way beyond the scope of  "normal" Tarot
Working With Pendulums - How It Began
In early 2001 I met  a dowser and I became quite interested in learning how to use the
pendulum and how to dowse.  Before long I was using my pendulum every day, both for
my own use and for doing readings.  For more information, please see the section on
Channeled Pendulum Readings.
Being A Medium
I've always had a big interest in The Other Side, ever since I was a girl.  But it was when
my parents passed in the '90's that I discovered I could communicate with them and
also others who were crossing over or who had crossed over.  Being able to be in touch
with my loved ones in heaven, i.e. The Other Side, has been a huge comfort for me and
my family, and I am happy to share my abilities in this way to help you and your family
and friends too.  Please see the section on
Heavenly Access for more details.
Using My Skills Today
As Chandara the Medium, I love being able to assist clients in communicating with their
friends and loved ones who have crossed over.  There is enormous satisfaction in
helping others gain the comfort that comes from having communicated with their loved
ones on The Other Side.  

As Chandara the Psychic, it is my pleasure to help clients gain clarity and
understanding about their relationships, their careers, and other areas of their personal
lives. With today's shaky economy and uncertainties, I help clients find new directions
as needed .  I look forward to connecting with you and sharing my psychic abilities to
bring you more joy and happiness in your life, and success in your business.
© 2014 Chandara
As a young girl, I had prophetic dreams.  I would meet people who I had never seen
before in person, but I recognized them from my dreams.  Often I dreamt about
situations happening before they actually occurred.  Over the years I have had many life
experiences in which my intuitive abilities have proved more than just useful,
sometimes helping to avoid serious catastrophes.

Blessed with clairvoyance (psychic sight), clairaudience (psychic hearing),
clairsentience (psychic sensing) and clairgustance (psychic sense of smell), I am truly
grateful for all my psychic "gifts".

Dear Friends,

I am pleased to present to you my Psychic Profile:
details about my psychic journey, who I am, how I
arrived at where I am today, and my work as a
Psychic and Medium.  I am located in the San Francisco
Bay area, but my clients come from around the world!